Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day 299.

So I told my roommate about sem break.
I told how you picked me up from Kedah, and sent me home in Selangor.

"Susah nak cari lelaki macam tu, sanggup gi amik Mira pastu patah balik"
Note : My roommate is a Kelantanese.

True, guys like you is like an endangered species.
True, I should hold on tight and never let you go.
True, it really did felt like you really love me.

All these while, all the things she said is true.
I was the one having problems in believing.

Do you want to know what I believed?

That people can fall in love, flirt, and take that same person for granted.
I believed in heartbreaks when falling in love.
I believed that people fight, tears each other apart and turn their back.
I believed that love is meaningless and has no value.
I believed that after people say they love you, they'll walk away and never return.

After 5 relationships,
I'm sorry if you felt that I was difficult to handle.
I can't break this wall that I've built and have yet to let you in.
Thank you for being such a wonderful person, and a patient one too.

No other words than thank you.

p/s : Courage is all I need.

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