Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Me being me.

Sure, life does drags you down sometimes.

Either you can navigate your life well,
Or your life will drag you to hell.

Your choice.
It's all on you.

After the emotional talk with my aunt,
Somehow a part of this huge burden on my shoulders
Has been lifted.

"Cuba tengok budak2 lain, ada yang hanyut"
I'm not quite sure of what that hanyut means,
But I'm pretty effed up before.
I've done my bad deeds and learnt from them.
So that I won't have to repeat them again.

And I hope I won't ever, have to do them again.

Considering my alter ego, Mirana, is one hell of a person
Who differs from me,
I found it amusing to live as two different persons
And yet, still being aware of it.

And no,
It is not a personalty disorder.
I'm faaaaaarrrr away from being Hyde & Jekyll.
And certainly not IED.
(Apparently me being angry at times was not considered as rage)

The doctors once said that it was an anxiety/aggression-driven depression.
I don't know,
I'm not the one with the degree in psychology.

p/s : Just some random stuff. No need to fret.

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