Sunday, November 13, 2016

Take a deep breath.

It all started when I saw that old picture.
Then I went on search in my own laptop
And I found them.
Those old picture that I thought I've deleted before.
And my heart was broken again.
Into millions of pieces that might be forever shattered
And may not return to its original shape again.

I realised,
I was the one who wronged you.
I was the one who did not understand.
I was the one with a foolish mind.
And a selfish idiot who wanted nothing but your attention.

I'm sorry.

I was the one to be held at fault
For the first relationship and the last one before
I was a selfish brat,
Who would've accepted me and would stand me,
The egoistic, stubborn and hot-tempered me?

I tried to change.
I'm sorry.
I tried too hard.
And I suffocated myself from it.

I can't be the girl you wanted me to be
Because I myself don't know who I am anymore.

p/s ; This was all the apologies for. Everybody.

1 comment:

  1. hai pipi bambam..hope u sihat always..rindu nak blnja u mkn banyak2..haha..good luck future..