Saturday, October 1, 2016

El Momento

As I was thinking for some moment
What I realized was the reason for my past relationship to collapse
Was not because there's another person involved,
It was because there was lack of trust.

Note that I am a person that is always involve in long distance relationships.

La Confiance, mid-eum, trust.
It was actually trust that destroyed the relationship before.
I didn't trust him, and he looked as if he didn't trust me.
And the reason my Leno phone was hancur
was actually because I threw it because I was so angry
For the fact that we fought over something that I thought
Has resolved. But turns out it wasn't.

So with him being him,
And me waited long enough,
And hurt enough,
And no more trust,
That's how the 3 years of waiting collapsed.

It wasn't because of a third party,
It wasn't because I wasn't loyal,
It wasn't because of appearance,
It wasn't because of anything else.

It was because I was tired of this lack of trust.
So somehow, it has to end.
And it already did.

p/s : It was a great gift though.

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