Thursday, August 11, 2016


Exciting news.
I'm back to being a student again.

Finally got some time to be normal me again
Although I'm normally not always normal.

Well, 4 years
Or if I'm lucky it's gonna be 3 years or so...
Let's keep a strong heart and a sane mind.

Be a nice Mira,
A friendly Mira,
Not that heartless psycho Mira.

This ain't gonna be the same as college.
And things are gonna happen through this 3 or 4 years.
I hope I can get through this...
I really hope so.

Going far away might make me find myself again.
The beautiful psycho and fearless self.
Or maybe I'm just so into Harley Quinn that I've started to think, act and talk like her.

Oh well...

I'm content to loneliness,
I just don't want to feel lonely and hopeless.
Is it possible?

Waiting is scary enough.
Not knowing if anything is gonna be okay is scary too.
Losing hope is even worse.

p/s : I am strong enough to go through this. Well, I hope so.

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