Saturday, July 16, 2016

Kenapa. . . ;

Here I am.
Stuck between a sane mind and a confused one
Between a monster and a normal girl
Caught up between the choice of letting go or making a U-turn.

I already told you,
But you still...
Why now?
Why not before this when I was desperately holding on to what we had?
Why not before when I knew I was still in love with you?
Why now when I'm in love with someone else?


Really, why?

You're just being you, a typical you.
When I was head over heels for you,
You ignored me.
Too busy of work and being a man, I guess.
Now I'm *this close* of letting you go,
Why now?

Why are you making me confused?
Why are you keeping on doing this?
What are you up to?

I really meant it when I said it's time for both of us to move on.
And no, I wasn't playing around.

Just why?!
Why now?
Why are you doing this?
Why do you keep on torturing me?

p/s : Me;

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