Sunday, July 10, 2016

Day 79.

Olly continues to sleep.
Me here, awake
My episodes of Runningman is playing
And suddenly writing here.

Not much of a progress after Raya
But . . .
Rather than being awake in my own thoughts
Why not write something, right?

I have to admit,
The support group chats are helpful.
Though they're not locals
But they really helped me a lot.

Not to mention my cat...
Though he snores and purrs...
And eats...
And poops...
And meowing loudly...
And scratches my hands...
But he's cool.
One of the most important emotional stabilizer I need.

And of course...
My one and only Prince Charming.
Who made me feel loved and love again.
Hope we can meet again,
For a proper date.
A picnic maybe?

p/s : I love you, and you know that, right? ;)

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