Sunday, June 12, 2016

Day 51.

Feeling some kind of happiness.
Some kind of newborn love.

This is all how it should be felt.

Being loved,
Being cared of,
Being in a constant communication with someone.

Did you know it's already day 51?
Day 51 of you being really attentive,
Of us being together.
(As in together "couple", not "regular")

I'd hope this habit of me counting days
Would be forever and ever.
And that I'd lost count of us being together
Because it's just too long to count for.

Day 51.
You've 79% changed my mind,
The way I view people,
The way I think of myself,
The way I think of the world,
The way I think about my future,
And the way I think about you.

But still,
Good luck striving for the rest 21%.
It might take you forever to completely change my mind.
But you're actually getting close enough.


p/s : Mi mii mii mii me mee mee meeemmm meeemmmm~

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