Monday, March 21, 2016


It's amazing how one's presence
Can give a big impact in your life.
But his absence,
Also gives you a hard impact as well.

Being sick for a few days got me thinking
(Since that's the only strength I've left)
What would my life be without that person walking into my life before?
Would I still be the same person as I am now?
Would my life still be the same?

Bukan masa sakit je aku terpikir,
Tiap2 hari pun sama.

Why did I post about this?

People, you should be grateful of what you have now.
Cherish it, treasure it.
Even health is treasure.
Especially when you're in bed and not capable of doing anything
(Like I am now)

And be thankful for those who are always beside you
Supporting you through your worst times.

So guys...
Thank you for your love and support for me all these years.
I can never repay you even with my life.

p/s : Just praying for my life, so that I can repent even more.

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