Thursday, December 31, 2015

Two plus one.

Happy turning 21 dear self.
May you always feel peace and may happiness comes your way.

So I did what I've always wanted to do
Watch movies (alone)
Eating sushi (alone)
Shopping (alone)
And riding my motorcycle through a traffic jam (alone)

Well, I won't lie
Saying that I don't want all that romantic birthday celebration.
But some time to myself
Is worth it too.

There's one nore thing on my list.
One question.
One question that I need to find my courage
To ask you.

Just that, and I might be ready enough to face 2016.

It doesn't matter what I feel,
Yours does.
That's why I need to ask that question.
I really do.
Then all of my heart broken episodes might have no problems to me anymore.

I really need to gather my courage.

p/s : I really love Farhana's wish the most.

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