Tuesday, September 22, 2015


People don't mean what they say when they're upset or angry,
It's just I'm the type that take every little words too seriously
And place them straight into my mind and my so-called-small-heart.

I tried not to,
But that's how I am.
I intend to avoid doing the same mistake.

But what can I do
If everyone else tries to test my patience?

My patience is known for being
Really, really... how can I put this...
Such a small amount.
I get angry at people easily.
I even shout when I'm angry.
Not to mention the tears flowing...

My "take care" greetings
Doesn't mean only 
To take care not to be in accidents
But also to take care of your inner self,
Senang citer jaga la agama.
Wow...macam deep pulak...
Jaga solat, jaga hati, jaga mata.
Sebab dari mata turun ke hati,
Bukan semua yang dari mata tu baik kan,

Don't you want to change?
Kiamat makin dekat.
Matahari makin ke Barat.
Awak dah taubat?

You said not to give up,
But why do I feel like I'm half way in giving up?
This sentence came to my mind...

"You pikir you punya rasa je..."

Sorry, my bad
You didn't want me to think at all,

p/s : If I'm a game character, I'll be the character that always sacrifices itself.

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