Tuesday, December 26, 2017


One moment you said this,
Another you said shit.

I restrained myself from posting those comments you made towards me and that other person you are allergic to so much.

Because I'm not like you.
I'm not that low to post things like that.

p/s: Who fell into the deepest hole of despair? You.


I already blocked you too from every social media platform I could.
Oh, and your number as well.

Dear "friend",
You know who you are.
Please take care of my ex.
Be his friend or he'll lose his mind.
Just be his, not ours, not mine anymore.
Because I know how awkward it is to be the middle person.
I used to be one for you back in highschool.
So hate me like he do.
Diss me like how he does it.
Because he needs you more than I do.

In fact, I just needed myself from now on.

Don't bother to back me up.
Although you might have not done it recently, I don't mind.
I understand.

Have a good life.

p/s: Ciao dude.

Hyper plus Turbo

I like dissing people, and my exes are included too.
But I never really FULLY disclosed what they said that made me feel so blergh.
Not this time, I will.

I've never felt as degraded as this.

Exhibit A
"Imagine laki kumpul duit nak kahwin, but you flirt around."

- Do I really? I didn't realise that. I'm sorry if me working at a drink stall is considered as flirting to you. Or me discussing assignment with guy classmates is also considered as flirting. Or the comments on social media? You see those as flirting, don't you?

Exhibit B
"Kalau taknak support financially takpe, bagi moral support."

Part 1: Financial Support 
I'm sorry, but the last time we talked about "financial support for the future" was long ago. I did said that I won't be able to save much because I needed to use the money for my life here. And do you remember what YOU said?
"Takpe, saya faham. Awak kan study lagi, kena pakai duit"
And why did you think that I was willing to work part time at the drink stall? Oh I forgot, I worked there to flirt around.

Part 2: Moral Support. (This part will be explained sarcastically, just in case your brain can't function well to understand)
Sorry I didn't listen to your problems.
Sorry I didn't listen to you complaining about your cats.
Sorry I didn't listen to you telling me about how you needed to quit your new job at Langkawi to come home and manage things at home.
I'm sorry how my brothers told you to quickly get a job to marry me.
Sorry that my brother offered you a seat in a-supposedly-to-be-paid-seminar for free and offered to talk and meet you personally, and maybe to talk about a job opportunity.

You know what?
It is my fault.
I should've known that I'm a big time flirt that only seduces men around me.
I should live in a cave with you, eating sticks and stones, drinking raindrops and dust.

Because that was the only way YOU would survive.
But you know how I can survive from this (somehow abusive and disturbing) relationship?

I left you,
The immature, stone-headed with trust issues person.
For good, forever.

Don't bother meeting my brothers or father again.
They'll know about you soon enough.
I'll save the story why we broke up, but not the words you said afterwards.
They need to know that.

I'm sure I'll be happy with him.
(Or any other guys you think I was flirting with)
Don't bother to check his (or any other guys you think I was flirting with) social medias to find my name.
Don't be that bitter loser I hate the most.

Oh wait...
You already are.

p/s: Sucks to be you. Burn.

Extra p/s: I would be nicer to you, but you chose the shit way to end things. Have bad upcoming days in your goody goody life.